Foods That Can Help Cancer Prevention

Foods That Can Help Cancer Prevention

We’re halfway through October which means Breast Cancer Awareness month is in full swing.  We’re thinking pink this month by putting our health first and helping our customers create a beneficial routine that can help them lead a happy life. Whether you’re a holistic health junkie or looking to make a change in your life, Balance Blends is here to help!

Though there isn’t one proven way to prevent cancer in your lifetime, there are plenty of ways you can take your health into your own hands by creating a routine that prioritizes sleep, exercise, and healthy eating. So in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite foods that can help you naturally prevent cancer over time.


Beets are a sweet treat high Betacyanin which is believed to help reduce inflammation and prevent the development of cancer cells. The best part? Beets can be put in almost anything, from a raw salad to a batch of chocolate brownies.


Vitamin C already helps boost your immune system and fight heart disease, so adding a high Vitamin C fruit like grapefruit in your diet adds another benefit to your list. Add a little extra citrus to your morning routine to help prevent cancer compounds from forming!


Kale has become the it-food of the health world so adding its antioxidant-rich leaves into your diet shouldn’t be too difficult. Try it raw or bake for 30 minutes to make some crispy kale chips. Either way, this leafy green will soon become a staple in your pantry (if it already isn’t)!

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