Finally get the sleep you deserve


Quiet Please

You have tasks to check off and people to take care of, which means you usually put yourself last. Here’s the tea: You thought you could get by with a few hours of shut-eye, but now it’s a life-disrupting pattern. And you’re totally exhausted. Stress and anxiety are the usual suspects when it comes to sleeplessness. And our Quiet Please blend addresses the root causes of sleep deprivation and calms your mind so you can reclaim rest on your terms.

If relaxing doesn’t come naturally to you, you’re not alone

Sometimes it can be difficult to “unplug” and embrace that deep, restful sleep your body craves.

Our exclusive sleep-promoting blend (with the goodness of Eastern and Western medicines) is for you if you’ve been wondering how to treat insomnia naturally without medication. The calming blend relaxes you just enough so you can catch up on your sleep without feeling groggy the morning after. Quiet Please heals your body and mind by addressing physical signals and stressors to calm racing thoughts to help you rest and get ready for the next day.


  • Promotes deep sleep
  • Silences the mind
  • Nourishes the blood
  • Naturally calms the body
  • Reduces irritability, anxiety, and forgetfulness
  • Helping your body recharge so you can sleep better

    Eastern herbs have been the answer to common sleep problems for centuries. They help you relax by regulating the meridians that bring about restlessness and insomnia when thrown into imbalance.

    We’ve combined proven herbal extracts with Western vitamins that regulate sleep-inducing hormones so your body can rediscover its natural rhythm, recharge, and lean into rest without resistance.

    TLDR: This is the ultimate natural solution to your sleep problems.

    How does it work?

    The magic is in our signature blend of natural ingredients

    1. Suan Zao Ren (Zizyphus) nourishes the liver and heart meridian systems and balances the yin-yang connection to prevent occasional insomnia.

    2. Ye Jiao Teng (Fleeceflower Caulis) deepens and extends sleep.

    3. L-Theanine relaxes the body.

    4. Calming Poria Spirit quiets the heart meridian to reduce insomnia.

    5. Biota Seed calms the spirit to reduce irritability, anxiety, and forgetfulness.

    6. Chuan Xiong (Lovage Root) reduces discomfort and promotes conditions suitable for sleep.

    7. Silk Tree Bark eases emotional inhibitions and untethers liver Qi stagnation to promote comfort and sleep.

    8. Calming Yuan Zhi (Polygala Root) soothes the heart and helps reduce anxiety and excessive dreaming.

    9. Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena Rhizome) recalibrates the liver and kidney meridians for better health overall.

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    Let’s rebalance your body from the inside out

    Balance Blends Extrapolents™ are ideal for you if you’re done experimenting. You’re doing everything you can - meditations, workouts, eating right - to heal your body and mind, but you realize something's missing in your routine. You’re in the right place - our custom-blended supplements can give your body the inside-out healing it needs to target specific symptoms.


    Holistic health care should be empowering, not confusing.

    This core belief drives our founder Dr. Colette Wildrin to create revolutionary blends.

    Dr. Colette is a licensed acupuncturist in Beverly Hills, skin health coach , and clinical herbalist with 10+ years of experience treating various skin and physical health issues. Based on her experiences, Colette realized that our body craves synergy, which means imbalances on the inside stubbornly show up on the outside - as stress, acne, sleeplessness, fatigue, you name it.

    She believes in bringing the best of both worlds - Eastern herbal extracts and Western functional medicine - to help you bring healing and balance back to your body.

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