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We believe alternative health care should be empowering, not confusing. You can probably tell by our packaging that while we are 100% serious about our formulas, we like to keep things friendly, approachable and easy to understand.

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Balance Blends are the world’s first Extrapolents™ to address contemporary health issues by fusing the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy with modern-day ingredients. Each formula is custom-blended to help restore balance within the body.

An Extrapolent (ik•strap'•ō•lĕnt) is an exclusive Balance Blends combination of herbal extracts and modern-day supplements to help recalibrate imbalanced Qi (pronounced chē, aka energy).

According to traditional Chinese medicinal philosophy, the body is made up of channels (or meridian systems), through which Qi must flow freely for optimum health and harmony. When the flow of Qi stagnates, an imbalance results. This imbalance can lead to poor health and lack of harmony.

In other words, think of the body as a magnificent electrical machine and Qi as its electricity. When the electricity is blocked, the machine can overheat or stop entirely, resulting in a short circuit or total breakdown.

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, Balance Blends are designed to help improve the flow of Qi for a balanced, renewed mind, body and spirit.

When viewed as a complete system, the human body reveals imbalances in a way that conventional Western medicine may not always identify. Often, this leaves critical stones unturned during treatment.

Functional medicine blends Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy with Western knowledge and modern science for a more complete, holistic approach. It treats the body as a whole, integrated being, rather than merely addressing the symptoms caused by a particular condition. This can help restore balance for true healing and regeneration.

Balance Blends are what we call functional solutions. Each blend is designed to wholly recalibrate the body, from root cause to symptoms, in order to address chronic health issues. For example, our stress formula doesn’t just relax the body, it relieves Qi stagnations in the liver meridian system, moves and nourishes the blood, and supports the adrenal system while calming and focusing the brain.

Having experienced its benefits, we believe in the power of Chinese herbology. Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to balance meridian systems of the body such as the blood, the liver, the kidney and the heart. When these meridian systems are imbalanced, conditions such as chronic stress and acne can occur as symptoms. Balance Blends incorporates the most powerful herbs known in Traditional Chinese Medicine circles to help address such symptoms while treating the body as a whole.

Herbal extracts are more concentrated than herbs that are simply ground into a powder. Every herb used in Balance Blends is in herbal extract form for a stronger effect.

We use PlantCaps® capsules, which are premium natural vegetarian capsules formulated with tapioca-based pullulan instead of gelatin. We chose these capsules because they provide a more natural, less processed alternative to average vegetarian capsules. All PlantCaps capsules are starch-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, non-GMO, and Halal- and Kosher- certified, with GRAS status.

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