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The Ancient Chinese Secret to Stress Relief

Do you feel like there is a weight on your shoulders caused by work, family life, school, poor decisions, or unmet goals? You are probably very aware that you are experiencing stress - even chronic stress. Are you wondering what you can do about it? In reasonable amounts, the stress we experience daily normal, and even healthy. It helps our body to adapt to new situations, and it can motivate you to reach your goals. In reality, the stress most of us experience goes way beyond reasonable amounts. In fact, in the US: - 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress- 73% of people regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress- 33% of people feel that they...

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Natural Solutions to Menstrual Cramps

That time of the month rolls around, and you dread the moment when you will begin to feel that deep pain in your lower abdomen that can only mean one thing: your period is back (yet again).Women seldom speak about period cramps likely because, despite how painful they can be, they are such a normal part of most women’s lives. In fact, over 80% of women experience period cramps regularly, and about 43% of women feel period cramps during every period (1).If you are like most women, you try your best to deal with it without medication. You only break down to pop a pain killer if the pain begins to be disruptive or if it becomes unbearable.How did women...

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The Ancient Chinese Secret to Better Sleep

  Anyone who suffers from insomnia or difficulty sleeping knows the true meaning of exhaustion. Feeling tired but being unable to sleep can be one of the most off-putting feelings anyone can experience. You lay down, and your body is tired, but your mind is racing; you can’t seem to quiet your mind to fall into a restful sleep.Does this sound familiar to you?The good news is there is a well-kept ancient Chinese secret to getting better sleep, thanks to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (1, 2).In this article, we will describe these well-kept secrets to sleeping better, and tell you about a way to easily gain access to these herbs in the West. But, first, a little background.  What Causes...

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Powerful Acne-Fighting Herbs and Supplements

Acne, at any age, can be a pain. Not only do you worry about your health and what is causing the acne, but it can also cause significant social anxiety. If you visit any standard dermatologist for your acne problem, it is very likely he or she will prescribe topical or oral antibiotics, or other synthetic chemical-based pills that could have some nasty side-effects and serious risks. Conventional medicines aren’t the only option for fighting acne. There are several well-researched vitamins, amino acids, and herbs, however, that have powerful effect on reestablishing the skin’s natural balance to reveal acne-free, bright, and glowing skin. In this article, we reveal two conventional components, and several well-kept secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine to healthy...

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