We want to make holistic medicine empowering, not confusing

Just like you, we believe self-care is not a luxury

We understand. Self-care isn’t about following all the trends. You know your body well - how you feel when you don’t get enough sleep, what flares up when you’re busy and stressed, and how your skin intuitively red flags internal imbalances. That’s why our blends are formulated to consider your body’s cosmology to address specific symptoms with scientifically proven herbal extracts and Western supplements while also promoting incremental, targeted wellness overall.


I’ve realized that what our body craves the most is balance

I’m Dr. Colette Widrin, a holistic dermatologist, skin health coach, and clinical herbalist with over 20+ years of experience in the holistic health care space.

Like you, I know how disheartening it can be when you’re trying to heal your body and mind, but nothing seems to stick. Not for long anyway.

I lived in NYC in the ‘90s and loved the dynamic vibe. But chronic stress created a lot of imbalances in my body, which made my day-to-day so challenging. I tried many things, but the only thing that truly helped me heal was traditional Eastern medicine. That’s when I realized I had to share this gift with my community.

So I studied to be a holistic healer, specializing in dermatology, women’s health, anxiety disorders, pain and stress management, functional medicine, and blood analysis.

When I started my practice ten years ago as a clinical herbalist, I noticed a distinct pattern among my busiest patients: their high-stress lifestyle drove them to seek the long-term benefits of holistic medicines.

But single-ingredient herbal solutions weren’t as potent, and they came back to address those symptoms again. Plus, they only addressed individual symptoms instead of digging deeper to uncover foundational issues that held them back.

That’s why I created Balance Blends.

Balance Blends™ is the first line of Extrapolents™ that combine scientifically proven Eastern herbal extracts used to address imbalances within the body with modern, Western ingredients for maximum health benefits.

This means more people can overcome chronic health issues without setbacks, improve their overall health and wellbeing, and ultimately live their lives to the fullest.

Speaker bio

Dr. Colette Widrin, DAOM, L.Ac., MTOM, CMT, specializes in dermatology, women’s health, anxiety disorders, pain and stress management, functional medicine, and blood analysis.

Her education (Master’s from Emperor’s College, Santa Monica, and doctorate from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine) was the foundation for Balance Blends. And it was her years of experience as a holistic dermatologist, skin health coach, and clinical herbalist that inspired Dr. Colette to create Balance Blends to create revolutionary, multi-ingredient formulations that heal your body from the inside out. Dr. Colette is also the founder of Skin Revolution, coaching programs tailored to your skin that combine eastern medicine, Ayurveda, and functional medicine to help get to the root of skin challenges.
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Science + Eastern Medicine + Functional Medicine

Balance Blends incorporates the most effective herbs known in traditional Eastern medicine circles to bring healing and balance back to your body. Our formulations look at your whole body cosmology, and the quantities and mixtures are put together not just based on science but also based on real-life proven formulas.

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Our planet-friendly packaging can be recycled or reused. Our capsules & formulas are vegetarian & biodegradable.