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Just Breathe - Mood Enhancer & Stress Relief Herbal Capsules


Stress is a daily part of life, yet it can grow to overwhelm the body causing seemingly unrelated health issues. Chinese Herbs and Herbal Extracts can bring healing and restore balance to your body to provide remedies for insomnia, depression or anxiety.

Just Breathe is an exclusive Balance Blends combination of herbal extracts and modern-day supplements to help relax the body, move stagnant Qi (pronounced chē, aka energy) and improve digestion for a better overall disposition. In short, it's our unique way of delivering the best of both Eastern and Western worlds. Chinese herbs have been used for generations to restore balance to the mind and body. They work by impacting the meridian systems believed to affect everyday health concerns such as stress. While many supplements contain one herb ground into powder, Extrapolents contain multiple concentrated extracts of the most powerful herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, plus vitamins and amino acids for maximum health benefits. So if you feel tightly wound, high-strung or under a lot more stress than usual, do not hesitate to Just Breathe.

How does Just Breathe Work?

  1.  Pantethine (a Vitamin B5 derivative) and L-Theanine help control the body’s fight-or-flight response and calm the mind.
  2.  Chai Hu (Bupleurum) reawakens stagnant Qi, calms and helps improve digestion issues associated with stress.
  3. Aged Tangerine Peel and Bitter Orange help move Qi in the center of the body and promote digestion.
  4. White Peony Root nourishes the liver meridian and helps relieve pain.
  5. Suan Zao Ren (Zizyphus) nourishes the liver and heart meridian systems, and balances the yin-yang connection to help calm the mind.
  6. Chuan Xiong (Lovage Root) helps increase circulation and relax muscles.
  7. Anti-inflammatory Honey Baked Licorice Root helps promote pain relief and harmonize other herbs in this formula.

We provide free shipping when you purchase any two bottles.

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In her practice Colette Widrinowner of Beverly Hills licensed acupuncturist, clinical herbalist, and massage therapy professional and Balance Blends owner — has developed custom blends of Chinese Herbs and Herbal Extracts that help restore balance in her clients bodies. Balance Blends incorporates the most effective herbs known in traditional Chinese medicine circles to bring healing and balance back to your body.

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