Reduce stress and embrace serenity


Just Breathe

It’s time to slow down and free your every day from anxiety, stress, and sleepless nights that lead to fatigue. Sometimes all you really need is to take that extra “breath.” That's why Just Breathe is specially formulated to help you reclaim bliss and hold on to it. Let's naturally improve your emotional (and physical) wellbeing.

Calm, cool, collected - this could be you

Imagine yourself consciously recognizing your triggers and choosing not to engage because your mind is unruffled and rested. Imagine not moving through life on autopilot and holding on to a ton of resentment due to minor frustrations.

Mental wellness isn’t about looking at the world through rose-colored glasses - it’s about having the mental agility to think clearly and make decisions confidently because you trust yourself and feel your best.

Just Breathe isn’t just another anxiety supplement. It brings the best of both worlds - Eastern herbal extracts and Western medicine - to help your mind decompress and heal.


  • Relieves stress
  • Chills you out
  • Moves Qi
  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Nourishes your body’s systems
  • Holistic formulation that helps you relax, for real

    Traditional Eastern herbs rebalance your Qi, which can get scattered if you’re stressed, anxious, or unwell. They also help your mind wind down without promoting dependence or other side effects.

    We’ve combined Qi-unblocking herbs for anxiety with Western supplements and amino acids to reduce stress hormones and improve the secretion of happy brain chemicals like endorphins that uplift your mood and boost your energy.
    How does it work?

    The magic is in our signature blend of natural ingredients

    1. Pantethine (a Vitamin B5 derivative) and L-Theanine control the body’s fight-or-flight response and calm the mind.

    2. Chai Hu (Bupleurum) awakens stagnant Qi and improves digestion issues associated with stress.

    3. Aged Tangerine Peel and Bitter Orange help move Qi in the body's center and promote digestion.

    4. White Peony Root nourishes the liver meridian and helps to relieve pain.

    5. Suan Zao Ren (Zizyphus) nourishes the liver and heart meridian systems while balancing the yin-yang connection to calm the mind.

    6. Chuan Xiong (Lovage Root) increases circulation and relaxes muscles.

    7. Anti-inflammatory Honey Baked Licorice Root promotes pain relief.

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    Let’s rebalance your body from the inside out

    Balance Blends Extrapolents™ are ideal for you if you’re done experimenting. You’re doing everything you can - meditations, workouts, eating right - to heal your body and mind, but you realize something's missing in your routine. You’re in the right place - our custom-blended supplements can give your body the inside-out healing it needs to target specific symptoms.


    Holistic health care should be empowering, not confusing.

    This core belief drives our founder Dr. Colette Wildrin to create revolutionary blends.

    Dr. Colette is a licensed acupuncturist in Beverly Hills, skin health coach , and clinical herbalist with 10+ years of experience treating various skin and physical health issues. Based on her experiences, Colette realized that our body craves synergy, which means imbalances on the inside stubbornly show up on the outside - as stress, acne, sleeplessness, fatigue, you name it.

    She believes in bringing the best of both worlds - Eastern herbal extracts and Western functional medicine - to help you bring healing and balance back to your body.

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