Bupleurum (Chai Hu) to Deal with Anxiety - Center Yourself With This Herb When It’s Time to Chill Out

Bupleurum (Chai Hu) to Deal with Anxiety - Center Yourself With This Herb When It’s Time to Chill Out
How to Deal with Anxiety


Anxiety is part of our human nature but sometimes we just need to center ourselves and chill out before we do harm to our bodies and minds.

We advocate using natural ingredients that pack a punch but are safe for our bodies. When it comes to anxiety, you need to learn about  a bright, sickle-shaped plant that helps balance the body during times of stress called Chai Hu.

Chai Hu is the Chinese name for Bupleurum. Think of Bupleurum, a detoxifying herb, as the peacekeeper that brings opposing forces back to a neutral state.

In Chinese tradition, it is believed that living life with opposing forces can disturb the flow of Qi (pronounced chē, aka energy) to the organ meridian systems that affect emotions. For example, the spleen meridian system is related to excessive worry; the liver meridian system is related to anger; and the lung meridian system is related to sadness or grief.

Chai Hu is believed to clear heat in the liver network. By balancing the liver and spleen meridian systems, this herb may help soothe feelings of anxiety and depression as well as indigestion — all symptoms of stress. Often combined with other herbs to balance its potency, Chai Hu has many other positive effects including reduced irritability and emotional distress; relief of tension headaches, chills, nausea and dry throat; and improved mood.

The Chinese have used Chai Hu to help people with common colds, coughs and erythema (skin redness). Chai Hu has also demonstrated anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, as well as the ability to relieve pain.

Balance Blends happily counts Chai Hu among the key power herbs in our Just Breathe Extrapolent™, designed to help neutralize the effects of stress so you can live a more balanced life. Learn more about Just Breathe here.



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