Pantethine (Vitamin B5): The Ultimate Stress Reliever for Busy Moms

Pantethine (Vitamin B5): The Ultimate Stress Reliever for Busy Moms

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Mother's Day provides a unique opportunity to think about the many ways in which being a mom can enlighten your life. It can also give many moms the chance to take a moment and be appreciated by their family for all they do. In addition, hopefully each mom can get a little R&R time to de-stress. But why just a single day?

As a busy mom, you know that time of day when you can almost hear the “system shut down” alarm in the back of your mind. Did you know that Pantethine helps keep that from creeping up you. How? It dramatically changes the way your body responds to stress.

Pantethine is a derivative of Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic Acid or the “anti-stress vitamin.” A powerful metabolic workhorse, Pantethine is more active than Pantothenic Acid and converts more easily to Co-Enzyme A (CoA), which helps regulate the body’s energy levels. When handling stress or fatigue, this conversion is crucial for clearing toxins, improving the body’s fight-or-flight response and nurturing overall health and well-being. Pantethine also helps the body counteract stress by boosting production of cortisol, a key anti-stress hormone.

In our Just Breathe Extrapolent™, we’ve combined Pantethine with L-Theanine — another powerful stress reliever — and a mixture of Chinese herbal extracts to help minimize disruptive effects of stress. Learn more about Just Breathe here.

Vitamin B5 as a Natural Remedy for Non-Cystic Acne

Stress also happens to stimulate the adrenal glands, which can increase the amount of oil produced by the skin. Too much oil, when trapped with dead skin cells and inflammatory skin conditions, can produce acne.

Vitamin B5 has been used to address non-cystic (mild to moderate) acne because its ability to help regulate cortisol and adrenaline may help break down those oils, thereby clearing up the skin. Look for Vitamin B5 in our Acne Be Gone Extrapolent™, designed to address multiple imbalances in the body that can lead to non-cystic acne. Learn more about Acne Be Gone here.






So to all the moms out there, Balance Blends wants to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day and a stress-free and balanced life. 

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