Celebrate National Relaxation Day with Cordyceps and Other Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Celebrate National Relaxation Day with Cordyceps and Other Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

National Relaxation Day

August 15th is National Relaxation Day and a good opportunity to check in with yourself.

Are you feeling stressed? If so, you can pop these adaptogens for natural stress relief!

Adaptogenic herbs, or adaptogens, help the body “adapt” to various stressors, from physical to emotional. While they cannot remove stress from our daily lives, adaptogenic herbs are believed to affect the body’s metabolic and hormonal responses, promoting smoother, calmer reactions instead of dramatic spikes in anxiety or fatigue.

Adaptogenic herbs have long been used in Eastern medicine as a life-enhancing tonic to help eliminate toxins, balance the body, and restore energy and vitality so the body can more effectively resist stress.

One of the most popular adaptogenic herbs is Cordyceps, a rare Himalayan mushroom. This mild stimulant is believed to nourish both yin and yang (for inner balance), strengthen the kidneys and lungs, and tonify Qi (pronounced chē, aka energy). It also may increase blood circulation for better distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Astragalus, a Qi-strengthening root, is also a popular adaptogen — both for the immune system and for natural stress relief. It is thought to help balance the body and improve its resistance to the effects of anxiety and stress, which can contribute to many health issues.

Reishi, a mushroom and über-antioxidant, is considered to be one of the best adaptogens available. Ideal for the immune system, it has been used to help calm nerves, improve energy and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Eleuthero (formerly known as Siberian Ginseng) is considered the “king of adaptogenic herbs” by Chinese herbalists. They believe that it too strengthens Qi and helps the body better cope with stress.

Just Breathe - Natural Stress ReliefMany herbalists prefer to combine adaptogenic herbs for stronger, more diverse benefits. At Balance Blends™, we not only combine these herbs, but use them in potent herbal extract form along with other stress relievers such as L-Theanine. The result is a natural stress relief formula that complements your efforts to reduce stress in life.


However you choose to celebrate, we hope you dedicate time to restore your energy and vitality on this National Relaxation Day!



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