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Eleuthero for the Immune System - Take Nature’s Upper When You’re Feeling Down for the Count

ElutheroOnce called Siberian Ginseng, this powerful adaptogenic herb is known by the name Eleuthero (short for the scientific name Eleutherococcus Senticosus). The Chinese also call it Ci Wu Jia. Eleuthero helps warm the kidneys, strengthen the spleen meridian system and improve the flow of Qi (pronounced chē, aka energy) throughout the body. Simply put, when you’re feeling down and out from an illness, a little Eleuthero can help you snap right out of it!


Native to parts of Russia, China, Korea and Japan, Eleuthero has been widely studied for its energizing, calming and neutralizing powers. This herb may help reduce symptoms of the common cold; however, Traditional Chinese Medicine has long used it as an invigorating tonic to ward off weakness and enhance immune function. Eleuthero has also been used worldwide for immune system support and stress relief.


Force Field for the Immune SystemYou’ll find the potent herbal extract form of Eleuthero in Balance Blends Force Field Extrapolent™, designed to help strengthen the overall immune system and defend against illness. This special blend also contains Vitamin C to complement the effects of its many immune-boosting herbs. Learn more about Force Field here.



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