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Natural Immune Boosters - Healthy Herbal Remedies That Power Up Your Qi (Energy)

Force Field - Immune Booster - Balance BlendsA healthy immune system is rooted in free-flowing Qi … but what exactly is Qi? In Chinese culture, Qi (pronounced chē) is basically natural energy, “life force” or “flow.” This could be considered breath or air, but it is also linked to blood circulation, movement and overall health.


In traditional Chinese theory, good health requires Qi to move unimpeded through what are called meridian systems, or pathways, within the body. Disruption, blockage or weakening of Qi is believed to affect one’s immune system. If Qi is weak, which can result from stress, it can stagnate. This can produce toxic heat (inflammation), which is considered unhealthy.


At Balance Blends, we have long studied Chinese Medicine, as well as modern alternative solutions to common health concerns that involve the immune system. All that knowledge has been carefully considered in the creation of our Force Field formula, which combines the best of both Eastern and Western remedies to tonify, nourish and replenish deficient Qi so that it flows freely.


Force Field contains the legendary Yu Ping Feng Tan (Jade Screen) to provide a wall (or “screen”) of defense for the immune system. Jade was once used to ward off evil spirits in China, but this formula doesn’t actually contain Jade. "Jade Screen" is actually a combination of Huang Qi (Astragalus), a longevity herb that has anti-bacterial properties and is popular for fighting fatigue, and Fang Feng (Ledebouriella or Siler Root), which is used to guard against pathogenic “wind” — the traditional carrier of illness. We also added adaptogenic herbs such as Eleuthero, Cordyceps and longevity herb Reishi (Ganoderma), and the Western household favorite Vitamin C, to further support the immune system.


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