L-Carnitine, a Natural Non-Cystic Acne Remedy

L-Carnitine, a Natural Non-Cystic Acne Remedy
Almost everyone encounters acne at some point, which may be why it’s one of the top 10 skin issues worldwide. L-Carnitine is a major natural remedy for non-cystic acne, but in order to fully appreciate why, it helps to understand how acne forms.


Acne is mostly genetic and common in teenagers, but adults usually experience flare-ups related to stress or occasional hormonal activity. (Acne is common for women during monthly menstruation cycles, pregnancy and menopause.) When stress rises or hormonal activity shifts, the skin tends to produce more of the oily, waxy substance known as sebum. This “oil” is basically food for acne-causing bacteria. When sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells mix together, they can form “plugs” in the skin follicles that eventually become pimples.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps enhance the metabolism of fats and oils, which ultimately reduces excess sebum produced by the skin. Less sebum means less food for acne-causing bacteria, which means less acne.


In Eastern medicine, non-cystic acne is linked to toxic heat in the meridian systems that involve the stomach, blood, liver, lungs and intestines, as well as stagnated Qi (pronounced chē, aka energy). To treat acne, Chinese herbs that clear heat and cool the blood are often recommended in conjunction with lifestyle changes to help clear heat and toxins. These changes may include increased exercise and acupuncture, as well as diet modifications (e.g., less spicy foods, sugar, etc.).


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Our anti-bacterial Acne Be Gone Extrapolent™ contains L-Carnitine and Pantethine (a Vitamin B5 derivative), which decreases sebum production and limits clogged pores. Acne Be Gone also contains a carefully balanced blend of nine Chinese herbal extracts that clear toxic heat, cool or move the blood, and improve poor function of the liver meridian system, which is linked to skin issues. Learn more about Acne Be Gone as a natural acne remedy here.


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