This Matriarchal Herb Provides Natural Pain Relief for Women

This Matriarchal Herb Provides Natural Pain Relief for Women

This Matriarchal Herb Providers Natural Pain Relief

Ah, Motherwort — proof that nature has a sense if humor. (Of course an herb for menstrual pain has the word “mother” in it!) Thankfully, this longevity herb does a lot more than make us chuckle. Motherwort is used to help soothe menstrual cramps, regulate menstrual cycles and reduce bloating. For women who experience PMS, this can be a godsend.


Called Yi Mu Cao (“benefit mother herb”) in China or Leonurus Cardiaca (“lion’s heart”) in Greek, Motherwort is the go-to herb in Eastern medicine for strengthening and slowing the heart meridian system. Master herbalists have long relied on its ability to stimulate blood flow and soothe the nervous system — which can ease sudden shifts in mood and body temperature.


You may be surprised to learn that Motherwort is actually part of the mint family, although it tastes very bitter. Its key to success is the chemical alkaloid leonurine, which mildly dilates the blood vessels and helps relax cramp-causing spasms. In addition to natural pain relief of menstrual cramps, Motherwort’s many benefits include a mild relaxing effect (great for improving sleep and reducing stress) and a mild diuretic effect (great for digestive disorders).


It has been suggested that combining Motherwort with other herbs that affect the liver meridian system, which encircles the genitals, can help move and nourish the blood to better diminish menstrual pain.


Cramp WhispererFor maximum efficiency and comfort, our Cramp Whisperer Extrapolent™ combines Motherwort with Angelica Root (aka “the female Ginseng”) and seven other herbs that move the blood or Qi (pronounced chē, aka energy). It also contains Thiamine (Vitamin B1), known to help reduce menstrual cramps. The result is a power-packed formula ready to whisper your menstrual pain away. Learn more about Cramp Whisperer here.



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