Build Natural Pain Relief into your Daily Diet - Chinese Herbs for Painful Menstruation

Build Natural Pain Relief into your Daily Diet  - Chinese Herbs for Painful Menstruation

Chinese Herbs for Painful Menstruation

In Eastern culture, the liver meridian system (or pathway) — which runs through the body and encircles the genitals — is key for gynecological issues. When energy is not free-flowing in this area, a specific type of pain, or pressure, can result. Often called menstrual “cramping,” this feeling usually comes from muscle spasms associated with higher production of hormone-like substances that control blood flow and responses to inflammation.

In both Eastern and Western cultures, excessive inflammation is generally not regarded as a good thing since it is associated with many health deficiencies. Today, more people are fighting inflammation through healthy diet and lifestyle choices, supplemented by herbal extracts and vitamins for natural pain relief.

Cramp Whisperer - Natural Relief for Menstruation PainAt Balance Blends, we have taken a serious stance against menstrual pain with our Cramp Whisperer formula. Designed to alleviate painful menstruation, nourish the blood and reduce spams, Cramp Whisperer is packed with concentrated extracts of nine Chinese herbs. These include Angelica Root (aka Dang Gui or the “female ginseng”) and Motherwort (Yi Mu Cao), to help tonify and move blood. Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is also included to help relieve abdominal pain.

Women may benefit from a supplement to help maintain higher levels of Thiamine for significant menstrual pain relief. Diet alone may not achieve those levels, so, to reinforce natural pain relief, we recommend taking Cramp Whisperer in addition to eating foods rich in Vitamin B1, Vitamin E and Magnesium. (Think avocados, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, salmon and nuts.) In addition, dehydration can worsen cramps, so drink lots of water instead of caffeine or alcohol to help reduce painful menstruation.

Other lifestyle choices that can help compound relief include regular exercise and rest, as well as massage or acupuncture to promote stress reduction. Of course, nothing quite supplements advice from your doctor, should unusual levels of menstrual pain arise.

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