The Expert Mind Behind Balance Blends’ Holistic Herbal Supplements

The Expert Mind Behind Balance Blends’ Holistic Herbal Supplements

“Health is wealth” is an age-old adage that’s been used for decades. But unfortunately, treatment and over-the-counter medicine for everyday problems like insomnia can be costly. That’s why Americans spend over $21 billion a year on alternative treatments, like herbal supplements. 

However, most herbal supplements people purchase don’t actually provide a tangible benefit. Many generic, white-label supplements are made and sold for profit and not to improve consumers' lives.

But Balance Blends is different. We create products that work and can help make your life better. That’s because our custom-blended formulas were created by holistic dermatologist and clinical herbalist, our founder Dr. Colette Widrin.

Dr. Colette Widrin, DAOM, L.Ac., MTOM, CMT, founder of Balance Blends


Meet Dr. Colette Widrin, the expert behind Balance Blends’ herbal supplements

Dr. Colette Widrin is a clinical herbalist with over 20 years of experience in the health industry. As a clinical herbalist in private practice, she prescribes herbs and formulas to patients to address underlying imbalances within their bodies and the manifestation of external symptoms.

As for her academic background, she finished her Master’s degree in Eastern and Western Medical Theory in Santa Monica a year early. After receiving her Master’s, she went to Portland, Oregon to earn her doctorate. She also spent three years studying dermatology in both San Francisco and London.

While she has a strong grasp of medical theory, she also understands that clinical practice is just as important, and she has over 10 years of clinical experience. But in her private practice, she noticed that many of her patients could not get the regular treatment they needed due to their lifestyles. She realized that people needed a more convenient way to address their health issues, so she made Balance Blends.

Colette created Balance Blends to give people with fast-paced lifestyles a convenient alternative way to address their health issues. Her years of training and clinical experience gave her all the knowledge she needed to create effective herbal supplements for the people who need them.


What does a clinical herbalist actually do?

As a clinical herbalist and holistic dermatologist, Dr. Colette listens and assesses her clients’ medical history and complaints, and prescribes them herbal solutions. She understands that a lot of health issues come from an imbalance within the body and which herbal solutions can help treat these imbalances. These solutions are not only meant to help ease symptoms but also address the underlying health concerns of her clients. 

This is in line with Dr. Colette’s philosophy: that we must identify and treat minor health issues before they develop into major ones. 

Balance Blends is a blend of Eastern and Western health philosophies


Why is experience important when creating an herbal remedy?

Anybody can blend herbs, but it takes an expert to create an herbal remedy that works. Balance Blends creates effective herbal supplements because Dr. Colette considers many factors when blending her herbs.

One of her primary considerations when creating herbal remedies is to ensure each herb dosage is within the safe and effective ranges. While most medicinal herbs are inherently safe for consumption, they may not produce the desired effect when improperly dosed

Another important consideration is how the different herbs in a blend work. Balance Blends’ herbal supplements are made with herbs that naturally complement each other. For example, we use Huang Qi and Bai Zhu in our immunity-boosting Force Field supplement as they both have Qi boosting properties.

As important as knowing which herbs combine for greater impact, certain herbs don’t work well together. For example, cloves, or Ding Xiang, and Curcuma root, or Yu Jin, should not be taken together as they will counteract each other’s effects. 

It’s also important to note that we don’t dose all of our herbs equally. To produce the best effect, we have to balance the formula of our herbal supplements properly. When blending, we use a “leader” herb, the main herb, and then supplementary “helper” herbs to fine-tune its effects.

We have to consider where we source our ingredients. Certain herbs require specific growing conditions to develop their optimal potency. That’s why we source our ingredients from Eastern countries, growing them for centuries. We have an article on why we must do this, which you can find here.

At Balance Blends, we take a lot of care to consider all of these things before making our herbal supplements. We do this because we pride ourselves in creating that work and truly improving the lives of our customers.

Balance Blends are safe and effective herbal supplements for modern health issues


What’s the difference between Balance Blends custom-blended supplements and single herb supplements?

We incorporate many healing herbs into our formulas, but mixing them takes an expert’s mind and intuition. Certain herbs are best used in tandem with others while also needing specific dosages.

Single herbs have been used to combat ailments in Eastern countries for generations. An example is that older adults in China take ginseng daily for health and longevity. While single herbs can produce an effect when taken daily, they are only band-aid solutions to combat specific health problems. 

On the other hand, custom-blended formulas, like the herbal supplements we produce, are meant to address the underlying factors that cause these problems. Custom-blended formulas are mixed with other herbs to maximize their healing effects. This makes them much better at addressing patterns and underlying health issues than single herb solutions. 

Herbs have the potential to improve your life, combat health challenges, and generally feel better in a natural way. Dr. Colette takes healing herbs every day and you might consider trying them too.

Check out our line of custom-blend herbal supplements and see how they can improve your life today.

Balance Blends custom-blended health supplements for modern life

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