How to Naturally Reduce Period Cramps

How to Naturally Reduce Period Cramps

That time of the month can be a literal pain, but that doesn’t mean your period cramps should stop you from living your life. So many women around the world are forced to deal with uncomfortable period cramps every 21 days, and for some these cramps can limit how much we’re able to do.


Cramps are caused by contractions of your uterus which help to release its lining and unfortunately cause you to feel to feel discomfort.  If you’re someone who deals with intense pain every month and wants a successful, all-natural way to tame the discomfort, we have a few solutions for you. Check below to see some of our favorite ways to reduce your period cramps.



Switch up your diet


One of the simplest ways to cut back period pain is by monitoring what you eat. By increasing the number of minerals in your diet, you’ll be able to dramatically increase both the pains and mood swings that might come around that time of the month. Start with increasing your calcium intake to help reduce fatigue and appetite loss. Other minerals like Magnesium, which can be found in avocados, dried fruits, and dark chocolate, can help reduce pain and cramping while preventing that unwanted bloating.


Go to bed early


It’s as easy as it sounds. During your period, your body is going to feel more tired than usual, so why not make an effort to get a little extra sleep? Help prevent fatigue, cramping, and mood swings by going to bed earlier and getting a full night’s sleep. If you’re someone who needs a little extra aid, Balance Blends has something just for you.


Avoid sugars and caffeine


Change up your diet by also avoiding unhealthy options like sugar, processed foods, and caffeine. Increasing the amounts of processed foods and skipping out on healthy meal options have been proven to heighten menstrual pain during your monthly flow. Same goes for caffeine. These food options are what make your body retain more water which means more pain for you. Instead, try infusing your water with herbs or tea infusions to help relax your muscles and prevent retention.



Try the herbal option


There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little extra help, so why not find the most natural alternative? Ease your pain the safer way by going the herbal route. Balance Blends offers safe, all-natural remedies like our Cramp Whisperer, to both stop your pain and nourish your body when you need it most.


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