Reduce Your Cellulite the Natural Way

Reduce Your Cellulite the Natural Way

Did you know that stress can be a huge factor in the development of cellulite? That’s right, ladies, it’s swimsuit season! Although the summer months can be an even more stressful time as you pull out that swimwear, we’re here to help you panic less and get your beach body ready on your own terms.

Let’s face it, cellulite can be one of the most stubborn and unwanted visitors to get rid of. There are so many products out there that promise relief, though many researchers have found the main cause of cellulite is hormonal and stress-related. Though you can’t get rid of cellulite in just one try, there are many all natural options to help you reduce those unwanted dents and sagging of the skin. Start by integrating Balance Blends Just Breathe, the stress-reducing supplements, into your daily routine to help slowly restore your body’s natural balance, digestion and cortisol levels. Also, skip those expensive creams and procedures, and slowly eliminate your body’s cellulite by trying a few DIY, at-home remedies. Ground coffee is a great place to start. See our favorite Body Mask recipe below!

Cellulite Body Mask

1 cup of water

5-6 tablespoons ground coffee

1 tea bag of green tea

10 drops of grapefruit essential oil

6 drops geranium essential oil

Dry brush problem area before application.

Pour water into a bowl. Add the coffee and tea bag, stirring well. Add in essential oils and continue to stir.

Apply mask to the problem areas and cover with an elastic bandage or plastic film. Leave on for 15 minutes, and rinse off thoroughly.

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