Digging Deeper Into the Quiet Please Capsules

Digging Deeper Into the Quiet Please Capsules

Anyone who suffers from insomnia or difficulty sleeping knows the true meaning of exhaustion. Feeling tired but being unable to sleep can be one of the most stressful feelings anyone can experience. You lay down and your body is tired, but your mind is racing; you can’t seem to still your mind to fall into a restful sleep. Quiet, please!

Does this sound familiar to you?

Problems falling asleep can be caused by a range of issues. In rare cases, your sleep issues can be diagnosed as insomnia, but usually sleep problems have other causes. Some of the most common causes of sleep disorders are life stresses, like job loss or change, the loss of a loved one, or disagreements with people you care about. Others include light or noise in your sleeping environment or illness.

Some pharmaceutical sleeping pills will help to fall asleep, but they may have contradictory results that don’t allow you to feel refreshed at all. They can travel from your blood into your brain and cause some unwanted side effects. Some side effects artificial sleep aids like Ambien can cause include memory loss, drowsiness, body aches, headaches, and more. These sound a lot like the side effects of not getting enough sleep – you don’t wake up feeling refreshed.

Balance Blends’ Quiet Please capsules help you achieve deeper sleep naturally, by attacking the root problems of sleep deprivation from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that the lack of health results from a lack of balance in our body, mind, and spirit. Balance Blends’ Quiet Please capsules contain extrapolents, which are multiple concentrated and blended extracts that have been used for centuries to restore balance in the body.

Traditional Chinese Herbs in Quiet Please Capsules:

Understanding Quiet Please

Important Lifestyle Changes

Even when you find a truly beneficial, all-natural solution to your insomnia, that doesn't mean that there aren't lifestyle changes that you should implement to get an even more relaxing, deep sleep. Let's take a look!

  1. Stop Smoking: You may be reading this and thinking that the answer to everything these days includes to stop smoking. Hrmmm... that could be a hint, right? Well, smoking is directly linked to insomnia, in that they contain nicotine, which is a stimulant. And what do stimulants do?  That's right - among all sorts of other things, they keep you from sleeping. But, let's go a little deeper into the environment that smoking creates when bedtime approaches. Not only does it keep you from falling asleep, but it also can create a situation where you wake up numerous times throughout the night and never actually fall into that deep sleep that helps your body achieve the rest that it requires.
  2. Avoid Stress: I'm sure we've all experience those nights where, as noted above, we just couldn't seem to shut off our thoughts, replaying scenarios and reworking situations to our favor that occurred throughout the day. We can also be nervous or anxious about events coming up the next day, such as a doctor's appoint, an important Zoom meeting or an awkward conversation with a friend or family member. While simply stating to avoid stress may seem ideal, it can be quite a feat. However, try to think positively before bedtime, and if a thought that could create stress passes through your mind, try to think of something that doesn't end in anxiety. In addition, you can also try Just Breathe from Balance Blends.
  3. Watch What You Eat and Drink: We all know that eating a heavy meal before bedtime is a huge no go. Plus, it can lead to heartburn, acid reflex and many other health problem. Additionally, alcoholic beverages are also on this list. While they may initially help you to drift off to sleep, later in the night, they begin to act as a stimulant, keeping you from that deep sleep that your body craves.


The Quiet Please formula combines the wisdom of TCM with the knowledge of western medicine to provide an effective supplement to help your body get the relaxation that it needs. It does this by combining a balanced blend of herbal extracts and L-Theanine helps to silence your mind and promote deep, restful sleep.

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