Powerful Acne-Fighting Herbs and Supplements

Powerful Acne-Fighting Herbs and Supplements

Acne, at any age, can be a pain. Not only do you worry about your health and what is causing the acne, but it can also cause significant social anxiety and stress.

If you visit any standard dermatologist for your acne problem, it is very likely he or she will prescribe topical or oral antibiotics, or other synthetic chemical-based pills that could have some nasty side-effects and serious risks.

Conventional medicines aren’t the only option for fighting acne. There are several well-researched vitamins, amino acids and herbs, and they have powerful effects on reestablishing the skin’s natural balance to reveal acne-free, bright, glowing skin.

In this article, we reveal two conventional components, and several well-kept secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine to healthy skin.  

First, however, let’s take a quick look at what acne is and what causes it from these different perspectives so we can have a better understanding as to how different components can keep our skin looking beautiful and feeling healthy.

Understanding Acne

Acne is a common skin condition where an oily substance called sebum, and dead skin cells block hair follicles on the face, back, chest and other places on the body. The blockage can cause pimples, whiteheads and blackheads to form, and the affected areas are often red and swollen due to bacteria trapped in the area.

Acne is most common among teenagers and young adults who are experiencing hormonal changes, but it can occur at any moment in life. The biomedical (conventional) perspective has not been able to determine the root cause of acne in different people. In general, this is why western acne treatments help to alleviate symptoms of acne.

From this perspective, Traditional Chinese Medicine is valuable because it aims to treat the root causes of acne.  

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acne results from symptoms of pathogenic heat and dampness in the body. Excessive heat (yang energy), as well as deficient heat (yin energy), causes inflammation and redness and hormonal activity. Excessive dampness results from water trapped in the body’s tissues. Bacteria thrive in damp environments, and this can manifest in swelling, cysts, pimples, pus and fluid discharge.

Through this description, it is clear how combined excessive dampness and heat can result in acne. TCM suggests that squeezing pimples, whiteheads and blackheads will not resolve the problem; rather, it is important to adjust imbalanced energy inside you.

Effective acne treatments ideally contain components that will treat the symptoms of acne, often from a western or conventional medicine approach and the root causes of acne from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

8 Components That Fight Acne

  • L-Carnitine: This is an amino acid that can help to reduce an over-production of oil in the skin. People with oily skin can have pores that clog more easily, causing pimples and blackheads. L-carnitine will help to prevent the over-production of oil to help give your skin a bright glow without making it look greasy.
  • Pantetheine: A derivative of Vitamin B5, this helps the body metabolize oils to prevent an over-excretion of oil into the skin. While some oil is important to keep your skin naturally moisturized, too much oil can block your pores and give you a shiny, greasy appearance, especially on the forehead, nose and chin (the T-zone). Pantetheine can help to balance skin oils.

And now for the well-kept secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine…

  • Oldenlandia: This gets at the cause of acne by clearing up toxic heat that can result in inflammation. It also contains potent antibacterial properties, radical-scavenging and antioxidant activities that will help fight off acne-causing bacteria in the skin.
  • Gardenia Seeds: Components in gardenia seeds help to fight inflammation that causes skin blemishes to look red and inflamed. From the perspective of TCM, they help to drain internal fire that can manifest itself on the skin. These properties help to reestablish an even skin tone.
    Moutan Root Bark: Pimples can result from certain types of bacteria being trapped in pores. This herb has been known to fight bacteria and scavenge toxins, thus fighting the cause of acne. According to TCM, Moutan Root Bark helps cool the blood.
  • Red Peony Root: This herb has strong antifungal properties, and it helps to move blood and clear blood heat. Blood heat, from the perspective of TCM, can manifest itself in skin inflammation.
  • Buplerum: Also known as Chai Hu, buplerum has been long known to have anti-inflammatory activities. Inflammation is one of the reasons why acne lesions appear red and enlarged, so supporting the body’s ability to fight inflammation is key to improving the skin’s appearance. From a TCM perspective, Chai Hu also improves poor function of the liver meridian system, which is directly related to skin issues.
  • Skullcap Root: This root helps to clear damp heat in the body. It also fights the bacteria that may be causing acne, and it also helps to scavenge toxic free-radicals.

    What Is the Right Herb Combination to Fight Acne?

    As mentioned earlier in the article, the ideal acne treatment will contain components from both Eastern and Western medicinal perspectives. Components of western medicine aim to treat the symptoms of acne, while herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine help to treat the root cause of acne.

    One of the few supplements that contain a combination of conventional components and the well-kept secrets of TCM to fight acne and establish glowing skin is Balance Blends’ Acne Be Gone. Its formula combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the knowledge of western medicine to provide an effective supplement to help clear up your acne. It does this by treating the symptoms while also helping to establish an internal balance in your liver, blood and temperature that may be causing your acne.

    Balance Blends’ Acne Be Gone Natural Acne Remedy is not only meant to treat the symptoms of acne to help clear up your skin, but rather to establish balance at the root of the cause of your acne and blemishes.

    Additionally, if you are experiencing stress and anxiety due to acne breakouts, please look into Just Breathe from Balance Blends.

    Heal your acne from the inside out


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