Digging Deeper Into the Acne Be Gone Capsules

Digging Deeper Into the Acne Be Gone Capsules

Acne, at any age, can be a pain. Not only do you worry about your health and what is causing the acne, but it can also cause significant social anxiety. Wouldn't it be great if someone could wave a magic wand and just exclaim, "Acne be gone!"

If you visit any standard dermatologist for your acne problem, it is very likely he or she will prescribe topical or oral antibiotics, or other synthetic chemical-based pills that could have some nasty side-effects and serious risks.

Balance Blends’ Acne Be Gone Natural Acne Remedy is not only meant to treat the symptoms of acne to help clear up your skin, but rather to establish balance at the root of the cause of your acne and skin lesions.

The Chinese Herbs in this formulation have been used for centuries as tried-and-true treatments for bacterial infections and toxins that cause acne. Balance Blends also combines the TCM herbs with vitamins and key amino acids for maximum health benefits.

Below is an explanation of how the different ingredients in the Acne Be Gone Capsules helps to fight acne symptoms and establish a balance at the root cause of acne.

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs:

  • Oldenlandia: Oldenlandia gets at the cause of acne by clearing up toxic heat that can result in inflammation. It also contains potent antibacterial properties, free radical-scavenging, and antioxidant activities that will help fight off acne-causing bacteria in the skin.
  • Gardenia Seeds: Components in gardenia seeds help to fight inflammation, and they also help to drain internal fire.
  • Red Peony Root: This herb has strong antifungal properties, and it helps to move blood and clear blood heat.
  • Moutan Root Bark: This herb has been known to fight bacteria, scavenge toxins, and cool the blood.
  • Buplerum: Also known as Chai Hu, buplerum has been long known to have anti-inflammatory Inflammation is one of the reasons why acne lesions appear red and enlarged, so supporting the body’s ability to fight inflammation is key to improving the skin’s appearance. From a TCM perspective, Chai Hu also improves poor function of the liver meridian system, which is directly related to skin issues.
  • Skullcap Root: Skullcap root helps to clear damp heat in the body. It also fights the bacteria that may be causing acne, and it also helps to scavenge toxic free-radicals.

Vitamins and Amino Acids

More Options

Beyond what Acne Be Gone can do for your skin, there are also what we'd like to call "skincare lifestyle changes" that can you can make. Without even realizing it, every day we do little things that can dry out our skin, help it hold too much oil or even create uneven skin tones.

  1. Wash Off Your Makeup: While we hope that we don't have to remind you always wash your face, there's one thing that women tend to skip over if they're in a hurry to get to bed. Think of the makeup that you wear everyday - whether it be s simple pressed powder, tinted moisturizer or a full-coverage foundation. And there's also eye makeup to consider. Now, this isn't just a suggestion so that you don't wake up to find black eyeliner and glittery eyeshadow all over your expensive pillow cases. In fact, leaving your makeup on can create havoc on your skin, and for good reason! If you skip over washing off your makeup, you won't be removing dirt and dead skin, along with oil and environmental toxins. That means that all of this remains on the skin, which can clog your pores and increase the likelihood of inflammation. You may know this inflammation as pimples.
  2. Stop Touching Your Face: Now, we aren't suggesting that you don't scratch that itch or swipe at that stray hair hanging across your face. However, have more of a care when, out of habit, you rest your face on your hand or, when you're a little stressed out, you vigorously rub your face to try to "clear your mind." Whenever you touch your face, everything on your hands and fingers is being transferred to your skin, which can include all sorts of dirt, grime and other impurities. It may be a little difficult at first to break the habit, but before you know it, you'll find far less toxins on your face, resulting in brighter, clearer skin. Additionally, if you do find touching your face a lot is a result of stress as mentioned, you may want to look into Just Breathe from Balance Blends.
  3. Keep Your Body Hydrated: Not drinking enough water (which is technically eight 8-oz. glasses) can create all sorts of problems for your health, ranging from severe kidney damage to effects on your skin, hair and nails. In fact, if you don't stay hydrated, you skin can look "dull," and it can become red and inflamed, which creates the perfect environment for acne. So, stick to the 8x8 rule, and drink a little more if you're working out or are ill.


The Acne Be Gone formula combines the wisdom of TCM with the knowledge of western medicine to provide an effective supplement to help clear up your acne. It does this by treating the symptoms while also helping to establish an internal balance in your liver, blood and temperature that may be causing your acne.


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