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Digging Deeper into the Acne Be Gone Capsules

  Acne, at any age, can be a pain. Not only do you worry about your health and what is causing the acne, but it can also cause significant social anxiety. If you visit any standard dermatologist for your acne problem, it is very likely he or she will prescribe topical or oral antibiotics, or other synthetic chemical-based pills that could have some nasty side-effects and serious risks. Balance Blends’ Acne Be Gone Natural Acne Remedyis not only meant to treat the symptoms of acne to help clear up your skin, but rather to establish balanceat the root of the cause of your acne and skin lesions. The Chinese Herbs in this formulation have been used for centuries as tried-and-true...

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DIY Dry Hair Mask

Pumpkin everything season is here!!  The holidays are an exciting time but don’t forget your self-care, including your hair! How did you make the most out of the sunny summer days? Did you spend your summer weekends lounging around at beach or the pool, or hiking, biking, or simply walking around outside in the warm weather? No matter what you chose to do on your summer days, it is likely that your hair took quite the beating. Salt water, pool water and sun all feel great, but it can really dry out your hair. And now, as we shift into the cool months of the end of the year, your hair won’t get a break. Now it will have to...

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Growth: First Four Cycles of Jing

We are so excited to share the second blog post written for Erewhon Market in Los Angeles -- ----------------- We are so grateful to Dr. Colette Widrin for sharing her expertise in the field of Chinese Medicine. This time, she is focusing on the first four cycles of jing. Jing is essentially your essence…it’s what makes you, you. In this article, Dr. Colette explains the first cycles of jing: growth. All living beings experience two main phases in life: one of growth, and another one of decline. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these phases are experienced as cycles of Jing, composed of either seven cycles of seven years each (for women) or eight cycles of eight years each (for men). What...

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DIY Summer 3-Ingredient Hair Treatment

We are in the final weeks of summer! Chances are, your skin is glowing from the summer sun, but your hair might be dry thanks to those days relaxing by the pool and beach. As the weather gets cooler, your hair may continue to get dry, and could even experience significant damage. But don’t worry! We are here with a quick fix to save your silky locks. We have a DIY hair treatment that will have your hair feeling rejuvenated and moisturized, not to mention silky and shiny. This hair mask will help to moisturize your hair to make it look shiny and prevent breakage, and it will also help take care of that pesky dandruff.  Best of all, this...

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What is Yang Sheng? Nourishing Life through Mind, Body and Spirit

This is a repost of an article we wrote for the Erewhon Market blog.    Meet the Maker | Colette from Balance Blends This installment of Meet the Maker is a little different. We asked Dr. Colette Widrin, founder of Balance Blends to share her wisdom and expertise around Yang Sheng. Colette received her master’s degree from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA and her doctorate from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She specializes in dermatology, women’s health, anxiety disorders, pain and stress management, functional medicine and blood analysis.   We all aim to live a long, healthy life. The Erewhon community (customers, employees and administrative personnel) knows that being and staying healthy takes making daily decisions that keep...

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