Notice Something Different About Your Supplement? Here’s What It Is

Notice Something Different About Your Supplement? Here’s What It Is

You may have noticed our prices at Balance Blends have changed. For those of you who are loyal customers and know how our supplements improve your health, this is good news! Some of our most expensive formulas have reduced over 15%!

You might also be a little confused. Why have the prices change? Is there a formula change you are unaware of?

Out team at Balance Blends value transparency and quality. We believe in the superiority of our products and our honest business model, so we want to make sure you never feel like you are left in the dark.

So, we want to tell you that there is no need to worry. We know that many of you have made Balance Blends a part of your daily health support regimen, and we wanted to find a way to make our high-quality supplements even better, so we evened out pricing without touching the TCM herbs in each one.

What are Secondary Components?

Secondary components refer to the elements in the formula that are not responsible for the main health benefits of the supplement, but instead have another function. This “other function” could be making it easier to swallow, or stabilizing the formula so herb potency isn’t lost by the time you take it.

One of the most common secondary components in supplements is a component referred to as an excipient. Excipients are a substance found in supplements and non-traditional medicine that are crucial to delivering active components to where they need to go. They might aid in lubricity, flowability, disintegration in the body, and might lengthen shelf life.

Excipients can be lab-made, or derived from foods. Our excipient has always been derived from non-GMO foods. We simply changed from using non-GMO cornstarch to non-GMO potato starch. This change has actually increased the quality of the product. Potato starch has a range of health benefits; not only is it gluten free, it helps to boost good bacteria in the gut, and helps to balance blood sugar. It hasn’t lowered the capacity of the supplements to deliver all of the goodness our herbs have to offer.


The Difference Between Balance Blends and Other Companies’ Supplements

Often, companies leave excipients out of the ingredient lists of their natural supplements. Why do they do this if it isn’t “bad”? Well, these supplement companies will often claim that the supplement is 100% purely made up of herbs. If another ingredient like potato or cornstarch pops up in the ingredient list, they could be accused of providing misleading information (which they are).

At Balance Blends, we see no reason to keep you in the dark. We know that the excipient we choose is of highest quality, is non-GMO, and it helps make sure that there are no undesired changes in the herbs between the time it is made and the moment you consume it.


You Might Have Noticed One More Change…

If you are a loyal customer, you might have noticed that some of our most expensive blends have reduced in price up to 15%. The switch in excipient from corn starch to potato starch didn’t reduce the price. Potato starch is actually more expensive. However, we know that if we aren’t going to deliver a quality product, why offer it at all? We decided to make some changes in our business model to make your favorite Balance Blends TCM supplements more financially accessible to you.

That way, you don’t have to choose between quality and price! With Balance Blends, you can have both!


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