4 Advantages of Complete Herb Blends

4 Advantages of Complete Herb Blends


One of the value propositions we offer at Balance Blends is providing top-quality herbs in easy-to-take capsule form.  The additional advantage is that you have the option of choosing herbal extrapolentsthat blend complementary components and compound positive effects.
Why take compete herb blends, as opposed to individual herbs in separate supplements? Here we will tell you about 4 key advantages to taking complete herb blends.
Saves Time
You no longer have to worry about taking up space in your cabinet with five, six, or even seven herbal supplements, and taking the time to open each and every one during any given time of day.  Complete herb blends save you time by packing multiple herbs into one complete formulation so you can just pop, swig and go!
Saves Money
By any simple math, you’ll see that complete blends, like those offered by Balance Blends, are much cheaper than having to buy each individual supplement. Some of our complete blends have up to 15 different herbs in the perfect proportions to support your health.
Takes Advantage of Compounding Effects
Balance blends use ancient tried and true knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to inform what herbs to use in each combination. Each herb is carefully selected to support multiple health components from a TCM perspective.
For example, immune-boosting Force Fieldcontains Ci Wu Jia and Huang Qi to help lift Qi and alleviate fatigue, Fang Fend to help expel exterior pathogens, and Cordyceps to help nourish yin and yang, strengthen to lung and kidney meridian systems, and tonify the Qi. This combination of herbs is unparalleled in pill form, and provide the perfect combination to support the immune system in multiple ways.
Helps Avoid Compounds from Counteracting Each Other
Due to lack of knowledge, it is possible to take multiple supplements that may have counteracting effects, and even negative effects. Complete herb blends have tested combinations of herbs in the right amount and proportion to ensure efficacy and safety.
Complete herb blends provide the many advantages to your health and your wallet!

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