Reishi to Strengthen the Immune System - Why This Mighty Mushroom Might be a Miracle Worker

Reishi to Strengthen the Immune System - Why This Mighty Mushroom Might be a Miracle Worker


October 10th is Health and Sports Day (体育の日) in Japan and is held annually on the second Monday in October. It commemorates the opening of the 1964 Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo, and exists to promote sports and an active lifestyle. On this day, many businesses, and government offices observe the holiday to promote exercise and a healthy life style, by holding field days.


While you may not have the day off today having a healthy and active lifestyle is key to a balanced life. However, as the seasons change and the cool air hits you your immune system can take a hit. Combat your desire to stay immobile and take advantage of some natural remedies to help strengthen your immune system. One mighty option is Reishi.


This tough, bitter fungus might sound more like a martial art than a natural remedy, but Reishi (a Japanese word for Ganoderma, Ling Zhi or “mushroom of immortality”) has been used for years to help fortify the immune system and prevent illness.


The mighty Reishi mushroom has strong antioxidant properties. In fact, some believe it has the highest level of antioxidants of any food in the world. Reishi also has anti-bacterial qualities and beneficial effects on the amount of T-cells produced by the body. (T-cells are “defender cells” that help us fight off infections.)


Experts believe that Reishi contains multiple substances that nourish the body's meridian systems. Reishi is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent and antihistamine, which makes it great for allergy relief, muscle aches and symptoms of arthritis.


At Balance Blends, we consider Reishi to be one of the finest natural ingredients available to strengthen the immune system. To help enhance this herb’s effectiveness, we have combined it with multiple herbal extracts and Vitamin C in our immune-boosting Force Field Extrapolent™.

Pickup some Reishi for yourself and get moving!

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