Cramp Whisperer - Natural menstrual cramp relief (60 capsules) Sale

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Instead of generic extracts that only target one part of your body, the Cramp Whisperer blend combines Eastern herbal extracts as well as functional Western medicine that work together to heal multiple cramp-inducing imbalances. Say no to painful period cramps without the need for over-the-counter medication.

  • Stops menstrual pain
  • Nourishes the blood
  • Reduces spasms
  • Restores balance within the body
  • Regulates stress
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    Customer Reviews

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    Michelle B
    God Send

    Cramp Whisperer !!!! I have tried everything from Tums for the calcium, prescription painkillers from my OBGYN you name it, I have tried it. My cramps are so bad you can see me having to sit on my neighbors lawn while walking my dog trying not to vomit the cramps are so bad. They are at an 11 out of 10. The pain alternates months depending on which side of my ovaries it is. I have to have this product on hand and I make sure I do not run out. If I can not see my acupuncturist to have her put small needles in my hands that I can wiggle when a horrible pain wave comes ,then this product helps me through. I only have to take 4 advil and not 12 !!!
    I'm not joking. My cramps have gotten worse as I have gotten older. Yay ! At least I have found Cramp Whisperer.